cazzy golomb

Height: 5'4''
Weight: 104
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Sports Unlimited (Print)

The Hunter's Moon Lead Stephen Savage
Roadside Assistance Lead M. Ejeye Films
Paster Jones4: Sisters in Spirit Supporting Nu-Lite entertainment
Indigo Lead Tant Lay/LuckChills productions
Spaghetti Vs. Noodles Lead Mike Yuen
Cult Supporting Joe Knee/Autumn Entertainment
Agatha Supporting Marios Stalianakis
The Vampire's Dance Supporting Bart Aikens/Bartizan Pics
Fragments of Daniella Supporting Sasha Knezev/Pulchritude Pics.
Under the Gun Supporting Patrick Higgins and Nicole Andres
Perfectly Natural Lead Ben Walker/Bdubaya Productions
Back to Life Lead Victor Pages/Plethora Productions
That Game of Chess Lead Madam Prem Ent.
Two and a Half Men Co-Star CBS
The Bunny Show Series Regular John Severin
FoxxyNews Series Regular John Severin
Untold Stories of the ER U5 Learning Channel
I.C.E Lead TNT
After Sex...La Conversasion Lead Hollywood Fight Club
Giving Thanks Lead Next Stage Theater
Tuesday Night Live Lead National Comedy Theater
Charity of Her Own Rewards Supporting Poway Performing Arts
Welcome Home Soldier Lead Playhouse West Repertory Theater
List Available Upon Request Lead
Playhouse West Senior Advanced Level Meisner Technique
Act Now Casting Director Workshops
Margie Habor Studios Cold Reading
Leslee Dennis Audition Technique
Ivana Chubbuck Scene Study
2nd Story Theater (Wendy Phillips and Scott Paulin) Scene Study
Carey Scott Rehersal Room Method Acting
Krav Maga, hand modeling, accents (British, Russian, Southern) Tango, drawing, sculpting, computer graphics, stunt work, track and field, kickboxing, promotions, bungee jumping, sky diving, weight training, lab work